Fake Elon Musk Crypto Freedom Giveaway Scam on 1000+ followers

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Fake Elon Musk Crypto Scam

Elon Musk’s Twitter followers have been scammed by “Deal of the Year” scam luring followers to deposit crypto currencies into attackers wallet with a fake promise of 5000 Bitcoin in return.

Scammers have targeted everything that is related to Elon Musk, including Tesla, SpaceX and other similar accounts were targeted in a crypto giveaway called ‘Freedom Giveaway’.

Fake Elon Musk Profile initiated crypto scam group

Even The Cybersecurity Times received one such scam message on Twitter DM’s, so if you’re following Elon Musk and his pages, as per the reports it seems 1000 new followers affected with 5000 Bitcoins have been generated.

While the group DM’s have always been in Twitter with scammers bombarding the DM’s, this new fake Elon Musk scam, added our page to the ‘Deal of the Year’.

The private Twitter group has 155 members with everyone following Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX related pages with the banner image of the group having Fake Elon Musk Tweet.

Fake Elon Musk Crypto Giveaway Tweet

With Elon Musk having his ideas on FreedomSpeech, the giveaway domain is being named as freedomgiveaway.net to make it look real and has taken controversial actions to manipulate Twitter towards it.

Fake Elon Musk crypto giveaway campaign and bogus quiz asking for Bitcoin address

Once the users view the Fake Elon Musk freedom giveaway website, users will be prompted with age confirmation message and presented with bogus quiz questions about Musk, Starlink, Tesla and SpaceX.

After a few questions, users are asked for their Bitcoin wallet address asking to pick Ethereum, Binance Coin and other currencies if they need to.

Fake Elon Musk Crypto Giveaway Campaign

After doing that, the  website will show a message promising 5000 BTC of credit after the users pay 0.02 BTC to  1 BTC to register.

The scammers portrayed Bitcoin address is:


As expected, users that sent the Bitcoin for registration didn’t receive anything back to their BTC wallet.

People can easily fall for all the automated, pre designed comments with positive feedback on the giveaway – but all those were bots and fake user accounts tailored to make this bogus campaign look legitimate.

Fake Elon Musk Crypto Giveaway Campaign

The Crypto scams have tripled this year, an investigation from McAfee found that several millions were stolen from such  giveaway scams by illegally exploiting the influence of Elon Musk’s image and brands.

If you’re following Elons Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Starlink or the latest Neuralink pages, please be extra-cautious of targeted scammers in your DM’s.

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